Looks like Australia gets race the sun again and New Zealand gets Cobalt instead of Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon, via Microsoft games with gold links (Microsoft uses your last Microsoft location for the game links so best to use the direct game links)

*also sometimes the “get” option doesn’t appear recently, keep reloading or try a different browser, be very careful.

NZ gold
NZ cobalt

aus gold
aus race the sun

you can still get Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon via the US (and other) sites see (and thanks) Brandogs’ listing for the Feb games with gold US list and links

also if his Assassin’s creed rogue Microsoft link isn’t working yet (wasn’t for me), try the Xbox marketplace link below

tips and tricks with gold games

*use google chrome to auto translate the page if you are not fluent, but still take care not to “purchase” but to “get” as the translations are not perfect and if you have already got the game you will be offered to buy to own and only press once as it may not show as ready to install until later or after you go searching in the store app of your Xbox one, where it should say “install”.
*also sometimes the “get” option doesn’t appear recently, keep reloading or try a different browser (i used edge for cobalt) and copy Korean text into google translate by hand

*For those that don’t know, the games tend to expire after the last country ticks over to the 1st of the month or the 16th of the month, and they are made available to “get” in the store before the first country hits the 1st or 16th of the month which means there is over 24hrs of overlap. So, for example, if you have a 1 month voucher or trial and you activate it on the 1st or 16th Melbourne time but it’s still the 31st or 15th Los Angeles time (don’t wait too late but also don’t be early) you can “get” the 2 expiring games , the 2 new games and the 1 holdover game straight away via the store, then you get 2 more game in 15 days and then another 2 on your last day but don’t leave it too long always check the store listing for each game never wait for the games with gold links to change, so this gets you 9 games, plus any extra games offered in other countries stores.

*Bonus possible Errors: 48 hour codes can “get” you Xbox one games with gold, confirmed in august by me, hopefully still going, possible only some codes? earliest google result December 2017, definitely didn’t work before. Someone says they could get Xbox 360 games with some effort, but I couldn’t/didn’t.