Hey OzBargain!

We’re doing an Easter Surprise over at VPN.sh where you simply open up our Easter Surprise Link and get your free VPN account! Depending on how lucky you are, you could get any of the following three Easter Surprises:

  • 1 month free – 25GB/month usage (can be renewed at £1/month once expired)
  • 6 months free – 100GB/semi-annual usage (can be renewed at £2/semi-annually once expired)
  • 12 months free – 1000GB/annual usage (can be renewed at £3/annually once expired)

If you’re not lucky enough to get the 12 months free, you can also upgrade your Easter Surprise to the 12 months (1000GB/annual) option by following our upgrade link for £4.

We hope you have a great Easter Monday and enjoy your free VPN!

VPN.sh Team

NOTE: If you have issues getting access to our Easter Surprise (stating that you’ve already claimed your prize), open a support ticket and we’ll get this sorted out for you.

REP EDIT: I’m in the UK (2am here as I write this) and about to hop into bed. Any orders that haven’t been activated already will be activated when I wake (sometime in the evening in Australia). Good luck and Happy Easter!