At, we’ve been looking into the possibility of providing unlimited bandwidth VPN’s for some time now, and we’re just about ready to finally announce that this is ready! We’ve worked hard to be able to provide this, and are now ready to launch.

This is a very limited offer as a celebration of us launching the unlimited bandwidth packages, where you can get your unlimited bandwidth VPN for just £1/year. We only have a very limited amount of stock for this, however all current clients will be able to get access to 50% off for their first year once we officially launch the packages in a couple of days (standard pricing will be £30/year), so if you miss out on this offer, you can still get a great discount – just drop us an email at [email protected] if you miss out!

As with all of our VPN packages, you’ll get access to all of our 24 worldwide locations (more coming soon!).

NOTE: This VPN service does not allow torrents and warez