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What is the ToolPRO Modular Shelving system?

Are you are looking for the ultimate storage setup for your workshop or garage? The ToolPRO Modular Shelving system has been designed with full flexibility in mind, so you don’t need to take the one size fits all approach. Configure the setup you desire by purchasing only the parts you need creating anything from simple shelves to entire garage setups.

How easy is it to construct?

The heavy duty powder coated steel frame simply slots together and is secured with a quick tap of a soft mallet. The strong MDF shelving bases simply sit in recessed cross beams to provide a sturdy and clean working space. The entire ToolPRO Modular Shelving system has been designed to be simple to construct and easy to change up as needed.

What’s available in the range?

There are 6 different available products in ToolPRO Modular Shelving range:

  • ToolPro Shelving Cross Beam – 800mm

  • ToolPro Shelving Cross Beam – 1200mm

  • ToolPro Shelving Cross Beam – 1600mm

  • ToolPro Shelving Upright – 900mm

  • ToolPro Shelving Upright – 1800mm

  • ToolPro Shelving MDF Board