Hello again Ozbargainers .. here’s some discounted NBN internet for you.

The headline acts:
100/40 1000GB $75/month
50/20 1000GB $65/month <== best value
25/5 1000GB $55/month

HUGE offpeak allowances and unmetered uploads.

The $50 setup fee will be automatically credited back to account balance and available to use in future month charges, not refundable as cash.

We’re also giving you an extra $10 credit back, call it a discount on the first month charges.


  • Credit back refund is for new services, plan changes aren’t eligible for the setup credit back
  • If you have previously paid a setup fee >= $50 you won’t need to pay the setup again.
  • Offer includes a DID and inbound calls at no cost
  • $60 credit back applies to all plans in the offer linked in the opening post
  • Number port fee $16.50 applies to all plans

Note: If you are on HFC please contact support before placing an order, in most cases we are unable to fast churn HFC services and downtime can be 1 – 2 weeks.