½ Price Carman's Muesli Bar Varieties 160g-270g $2.80 @ Woolworths

Carman’s Classic Fruit & Nut Muesli Bars 6 pack
Carman’s Dark Choc Cranberry & Almond Muesli Bars 6 pack
Carman’s Super Berry Muesli Bars 6 pack
Carman’s Original Fruit Free Muesli Bars 6 pack
Carman’s Protein Muesli Bars Yoghurt & Nut 200g
Carman’s Cranberry & Blueberry Oat Slice 6 pack
Carman’s Almond, Cashew & Cranberry Nut Bars 5 pack
Carman’s Almond, Hazelnut Vanilla Nut Bars 5 pack
Carman’s Greek Yoghurt & Berry Protein Bars 5 pack
Carman’s Oat Slice Choc Brownie 210g
Carman’s Oat Slice 210g
Carman’s Lemon Coconut Oat Slice 210g
Carman’s Salted Dark Choc Almond Gourmet Protein Bars 200g
Carman’s Gourmet Protein Bars Dark Choc & Cranberry 200g
Carman’s Dark Choc Espresso Nut Bars 160g
Carman’s Roasted Nut Bars Greek Style Yoghurt Blueberry 160g
Carman’s Dark Choc Macadamia Coconut Nut Bars 160g
Carmans Gourmet Protein Bars Salted Caramel Bars 200g

½ Price – Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream Tub 473ml $4 @ Woolworths

Fresh Milk, Sugar, Fresh Cream (17%), Peanuts (8%), Water, Milk Solids, Dextrose, Cocoa Solids, Maltodextrin, Peanut Oil, Salt, Emulsifiers (471, Soy Lecithin, 476), Skim Milk, Colours (Caramel III, Caramel IV, Annatto), Thickeners (Guar Gum, Processed Eucheuma Seaweed, Carrageenan), Milk Fat, Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, 319), Flavour, Contains no less than 10% Milk Fat in Ice Cream, Milk Chocolate contains minimum 25% Cocoa Solids

½ Price Quilton Tuffy 3 Pack Paper Towel $2.15 @ Woolworths

Tuffy’s superior 4 Ply ‘Tuff-Weave’ makes it the most absorbent and strongest when wet. But then again you’d expect nothing less from Quilton.

Perfect for:

Cleaning kitchens and cooktops, bathrooms and windows.

Spills and messes made at parties and at the dinner table. Also ideal for cleaning up after children and pets.

Food preparation or use as a fridge liner.

Outdoor use at picnics or on road trips. Also great for cleaning the car, BBQ, or kids bikes.

[QLD] $20 off and Free Delivery When Ordering Online @ Woolworths, Townsville/Cairns

2 week deal to help flood affected North Queensland.

Minimum spend $50 and discounts are applied automatically at checkout.

To help make things a little easier right now, Townsville and Cairns residents will receive $20 off and free delivery when ordering online over the next two weeks.

Your discount and free delivery will be applied automatically at checkout.
Simply place an order for delivery to one of the following postcodes: 4800, 4805-4820, 4825, 4829, 4830, 4850, 4852, 4854, 4861, 4865, 4868-4885, 4887, 4890, 4891.

Or, place a Pick up order to one of the following stores: Woolworths Atherton, Cairns, Earlville, Mossman, Mount Sheridan, Raintrees, Redlynch, Smithfield, Castletown, Hermit Park, Ingham, Innisfail, Mission Beach, North Shore Townsville, Townsville City Arcade, Vincent, Woodlands, Kirwan, Mt Isa, Nathan Plaza, Rasmussen, The Avenues, Willows, Ayr, Charters Towers, Proserpine, Bowen.

Connoisseur Ice Cream 1 Litre Varieties $6 @ Woolworths

Starting from Wednesday. Enjoy 🙂

  • Connoisseur Ice Cream Caramel Honey Macadamia 1l Tub
  • Connoisseur Ice Cream Belgian Chocolate 1l Tub
  • Connoisseur Ice Cream Cafe Grande 1l Tub
  • Connoisseur Ice Cream Cookies & Cream 1l Tub
  • Connoisseur Ice Cream Classic Vanilla 1l Tub
  • Connoisseur Ice Cream Raspberry White Chocolate 1l Tub
  • Connoisseur Coconut Chocolate Ice Cream 1l
  • Connoisseur Montana Mint Ice Cream 1l
  • Connoisseur Ice Cream Vanilla Caramel Brownie 1l
  • Connoisseur Ice Cream Chocolate Brownie 1l Tub
  • Connoisseur Ice Cream Murray River Salted Caramel 1l Tub

½ Price Weis Ice-Cream Bars 4-Pack $3.40 ($0.85 Each) @ Woolworths

Starts Wednesday Jan 23. Enjoy 🙂 Link to Product Snapshot

Wiki: Weis is an Australian brand, owned by Unilever that produces frozen ice confectionery and frozen fruit desserts. They are most well known for their bar shaped fruit ice creams known as Weis Bars. They are sold at most Australian milk bars and supermarkets and in boxes of eight mini bars or four regular-sized bars at most supermarkets. The Weis manufacturing plant is located in Toowoomba, Queensland with the sales and marketing office in Toowong, Queensland.

The original Weis Fruito Bar was developed by Les Weis in 1957 and was sold from his own corner store in Toowoomba. The Weis Fruito Bar contains pineapple, banana and passion fruit. The most popular bar is the Mango & Cream which launched in 1959.

In January 2016, Weis planned a successful push into the Chinese market. The Toowoomba company has exported Weis bars to Japan for more than 20 years and close to 30% of its business is now outside Australia. Until August 2017, Weis was a privately owned Australian company. The company was owned and operated by a second generation of the Weis family until they sold it to the Anglo-Dutch firm, Unilever.