[PC] Steam – SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition – $2.69 AUD – Fanatical

Very cheap price for a fun game in one of the most iconic PC game series.

Apparently, there are also plenty of mods available:



From the website:

With this Steam key, players will get access to franchise best-seller SimCity 4 as well as the all-new SimCity 4 Rush Hour Expansion Pack.

Create the most massive region of cities ever, with a farming town, bedroom community, high-tech commercial center, and industrial backbone. Take complete control of your city’s transportation system, and solve U-Drive-It missions — from fighting crime to tackling disasters.

Head into God Mode to create the land on which your city will grow, and even create natural disasters like erupting volcanoes and tornados to test your city’s resilience.

Watch your population skyrocket as you get your Sims on the go and create the ultimate living, breathing megalopolis — the most expansive SimCity 4 compilation ever.

Have the ultimate level of control over your city’s transportation network by completely taking charge of roads, rail, air, waterways, and even vehicles. U-Drive It! missions will be presented for you to solve, such as chasing down a bank robber or apprehending a car-jacker.

Choose from all-new road types including wide-avenues, suspension bridges, or one-way streets, as well as map out seamless regional networks that whisk Sims from one city to another. Wreak havoc with all-new disasters including a UFO invasion, massive wrecks at railroad crossings, and the occasional car fender bender. There are also all-new tutorials available to help you get started.


  • Create an Entire Region of Cities — Weave together a tapestry of cities linked by a fully integrated transportation network and watch them share and compete for resources.
  • Wield God-like Powers — Sculpt the landscape to create a world based on your imagination, then summon volcanoes, tornadoes, meteors, and lightning.
  • Be a Responsive Mayor — Build a world-class city with stadiums, airports, universities, and real-world landmarks. Deploy emergency vehicles and join in the action as they battle blazes, mobs, and more.
  • Get Insight from Your Sims — Read the rhythm of the city, from commuter hell to mellow cruising, noontime crowds to night-time calm.

[PC] Steam – Leisure Suit Larry Bundle (7 games) USD $1.99 USD (~AUD $3.05) – Fanatical

This is a pure Leisure Suit Larry bundle with no other games included (unlike the previous bundles) and hence is cheaper. So, if you just want the Leisure Suit Larry games for a very cheap price, here is your chance.

You will get:

  • Leisure Suit Larry 1 – In the Land of the Lounge Lizards
  • Leisure Suit Larry 2 – Looking For Love (In Several Wrong Places)
  • Leisure Suit Larry 3 – Passionate Patti in Pursuit of the Pulsating Pectorals
  • Leisure Suit Larry 5 – Passionate Patti Does a Little Undercover Work
  • Leisure Suit Larry 6 – Shape Up Or Slip Out
  • Leisure Suit Larry 7 – Love for Sail
  • Leisure Suit Larry – Magna Cum Laude Uncut and Uncensored