Free Kinder Bueno Dark 43g @ 7-Eleven via Fuel App

Free Kinder Bueno (43g) for those who redeem the offer in the app after 1:00AM AEDT 9/1.

You must be logged in to for the offer to be visible.

Take a screenshot after opening the offer so you can still redeem it if the redemption limit is reached (as it will disappear from the app).

List of all 7-Eleven freebies this January

Free Mother Energy Drink 6/1, Gatorade 7/1, Mt Franklin 8/1 + More Freebies in January @ 7-Eleven via Fuel App

My first post on ozbargains hopes everyone like it

Here full list of 7-eleven everyday freebies

Date Offer 3/1/19 375ml Coke 4/1/19 47g Cherry Ripe Ganache 5/1/19 Large Slurpee 500ml 6/1/19 Mother 600ml 7/1/19 Gatorade G2 Raspberry 8/1/19 600ml Mt Franklin 9/1/19 43g Kinder Bueno Dark 10/1/19 Proud and Punch Berry 11/1/19 250ml V Green 12/1/19 7-Eleven Regular Coffee 13/1/19 23.3g Tic Tac Gum Spearmint 14/1/19 Large Slurpee 15/1/19 7-Eleven Snack Sausage Roll 16/1/19 7-Eleven Fruit – Red Apple, Green Apple, Green Pear, Banana or Mandarin 17/1/19 500mL 7-Eleven Chocolate Milk (VIC, NSW & QLD) & 7-Eleven Iced Coffee (WA) 18/1/19 7-Eleven Banana Bread 19/1/19 500ml Rockstar Xdurance 20/1/19 7-Eleven Iced Coffee 21/1/19 Large Slurpee 22/1/19 500ml Dare Caramel Latte 23/1/19 23.3g Tic Tac Gum Watermelon 24/1/19 7-Eleven Muesli Slice 25/1/19 7-Eleven Regular Coffee 26/1/19 7-Eleven Jam & Crème Lamington 27/1/19 Slurpee Spider and Large Slurpee 28/1/19 250ml Remedy Kombucha Ginger Lemon

From 1st jan to 28th January everyday one item free
Njoy guys


  • Do I need to buy fuel to get this freebie?

A: No. No purchase is necessary.

  • I have the app but can’t see the offer.

A: You may need to create/sign into your account to see offers.

  • Does this work at just 7/11 fuel locations?

A: No, it works at all 7/11 locations nationwide.

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[VIC] Unleaded E10 for $1/Litre @ 7-Eleven, Research

7 Eleven in Research VIC currently has Unleaded E10 for $1/Litre

This servo is currently not trading fuel but open for shop sales so to obtain this price you’ll need to be within radius of the store and use the app to lock in the price then fill up elsewhere

Nearest E10 store is South Morang

Filled up 43.48 litres this morning for $43.48. Price is still current as per attached image from my app as of 12:45pm.

I know there’s a fuel watch thread for this but I think this is exception to the rule.

[VIC] Supreme+ 98 Fuel 133.9c Per Litre @ 7-Eleven, Port Melbourne

Just thought I would check fuel prices using my 7-ELEVEN app, and the Port Melbourne store returned me a price of 133.9 cents per litre for SUPREME +98 – currently trending at about 158.9 at other stores. So if you are in the area, and use 98 RON fuel make sure you lock in for redemption wherever you like! =:o)

I am pretty sure this is a price error – fuel is the same price as regular unleaded, so make sure you get it while it lasts!!