Quite new to oz bargain so am not 100% sure if this is a banger deal but I genuinely think this is a good bargain. I hate having to walk with my bum out for some toilet rolls only to find none are left. Not sure how long it may last, better stock up quick.

Product Details

Sorbent Silky White Toilet Tissue Rolls are now extra thick and noticeably softer.

Back in 1952, we proudly transformed the Australian outhouse routine from an unpleasant chore into something a little more enjoyable, when we introduced crepe toilet paper. Many things have changed over time and so has Sorbent. Our Silky White toilet tissue is now extra thick and noticeably softer, yet Sorbent is still the same great brand that has been loved by Australians for decades. Sorbent – Gentle on you since 1952.

?Sustainably Sourced: Made from sustainably sourced materials.
Extra Thick: Thick sheets for more protection.
Extra Soft: Soft sheets for more gentle comfort.
Disperses Quickly: Strong in use but breaks down easily in water.
For Extra Clean: use with Sorbent Flushable Wipes for an extra fre?sh clean.
Thicker & softer (Thicker and Softer than previous Sorbent Silky White Toilet Tissue).