Existing Amex Qantas Discovery Credit Card owners may be able to upgrade their card to the ultimate card and earn 50K bonus Qantas points for a 3K spend in 3 months post card activation.

I received a mail-out from AMEX offering to upgrade my card from a discovery to an Ultimate.

Essentially the same deal as for new customers to the Ultimate card but with less bonus points. However the benefit here is that it is available for existing Discovery card customers. No need to cancel and wait for 18 months to apply for an amex bonus point deal.

I downgraded my card last August as I didn’t want to pay the annual fee for the ultimate and wanted to hang on for some referral deals (and shop small) with the discovery card. I had been planning to cancel post the april devaulation on points earn per dollar, however this deal has changed my mind.

There is no link but I’ve taken a screen shot of the letter I received. I suggest calling Amex if you are a discovery card holder and have not received this offer to see if you are able to take advantage of it.

I guess there is a possible hack here where existing Ultimate card holders could call and downgrade their card to the discovery card and then call again before the end of march to see if this deal is still available. Do this at your own risk though as I have no idea if it will work…….

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