Sorry for crummy photo, only had my Nokia on me, got the price, date, and game in picture, figured they were the most important parts of it anyway.

As per title, Overwatch: Origins Edition is 10 bucks at Target, nationwide. Decent price for a decent game, supposedly anyway, I’ve never played it. Game trades in for 19 dollars base value at EB, (22.80 if level 4) which makes it eligible for the Far Cry deal (, meaning you could get the new Far Cry with these deals together for 21 dollars total, not too shabby.

Even if you don’t do Far Cry, you stand to double your money pretty much if you decide you don’t like the game, and if you do like the game, you got a game you like for cheap. Win win either way.

Sorry, game is no longer listed on website to link, only the fancier, more expensive, edition.