I know this deal has been posted a few times in the past, but there may be quite a few people who still don’t know about this amazing tool. I recently used it to check on a car I was looking at for a friend and it came up with results I wouldn’t have ever know otherwise! Thank you so much to Spackbace for the initial post of it.

I thought this was worth posting again, as deals can pass very quickly and some people may have forgotten about this amazing service.

Thank you to Spackbace for this write up:

The PPSR is used to find out if there’s any money owing on a car, or if it’s previously been written off.

This is the normal price, there’s no denying that, however many people don’t realise how cheap and easy the service is. Many sites offer the same thing for $10 or more, when the standard government price is considerably less!

A few horror stories in the forums lately would’ve been sorted very early on if they had’ve consulted this site before buying/putting a deposit down.

Bookmark the site, after test driving the car you’re looking at, sit in your car and generate the check, then decide from there if you want to purchase the car.

As always, enjoy!