12pm: Stock only remains at Campbelltown NSW & Hervey Bay, Rockhampton Stockland & Townsville Home QLD

Normally about $200 original RRP, on sale for about $140 regularly, and cheapest online I think is currently $80.
So a deal no matter what way you look at it.

I could rant and rave about these things, but really, they’re just “Darn Good”.

I’m a light-audiophile, so I could type and type about small details, but in reality, there’s no way to describe sound quality.
Everyone’s ears are different.

To me, they’re rich, full, and extremely mellow on the tweeters.
People claim they’re a squeaky tweeter, but I feel the complete opposite, as I’m very treble sensitive, and these didn’t bother me at all.
I also found their “dual density spider” really did help keep the bass present at low powers, while stopping them from distorting once I added an amp and over-drove them for testing.

If anyone else is a fan, I used Lindsey Sitrling’s album as my main test tracks, and the violin has never been so real (I also saw her live).
Also, in the track ‘Crystallize’, where she mixes classical violin with dubstep, I was SUPER impressed with how the mids handled the ‘wub wub’ while not losing the Violins clarity and mid resonance.

I bought 3 sets.

Anecdotally, People love the next model up.
There are 10’s of videos on youtube with people installing these exact speakers, expecting a budget install from these cheaper models.
The tldr of all those videos is “50% the price, 90% the quality!”

If you need some 6.5″ splits, these are hard to pass up.