Best body/face groomer. Only recently available in AU.
Lowest price anywhere due to Father’s Day sale.
I got it 3 weeks ago at 79$, got it price matched.

THIS IS MODEL 2520/30 WITH EXTRA BLADE (~25$ value)

No 1 best seller, great reviews. FREE SHIPPING.

The Philips OneBlade has a revolutionary technology designed for men who wear facial styles and grow beards.

It can trim, edge and shave any length of hair. Its dual protection system – a glide coating combined with rounded tips – makes shaving easier on your skin. At the same time, its shaving technology features a fast-moving cutter (200x per second).

This unique combination gives you a shave that’s both efficient and comfortable – even on longer hairs.

OneBlade’s dual protection system gives a comfortable shave
Glide coating smoothly glides along your skin
Rounded polymer tips guide the hairs to be instantly cut