A reminder of these awesome deal and deal from almost a year ago, when CBA announced that they would drop ATM fees and the other big banks quickly followed suit.

There is no need to go around hunting your particular bank’s ATM when you can find any of the big four banks’. This has been very convenient since.

Edit: I understand that a part of our community are with ING, who already get free ATM withdrawals from any ATM, and therefore this deal is not applicable to them. This deal appeals to those who do not have an ING bank account (or other banks with fee-free ATM withdrawals), cannot easily fulfill the monthly conditions (ie. $1000 monthly deposit and 5 x transactions) or financially better to bank with someone else due to mortgages etc. They don’t have to do anything and immediately have access to a wider range of ATMs for free. While this deal does not benefit those who have ING as their main bank, it does not mean that this is not a deal.