Those that have read my AMA will know that I was driven out of my country by war. Many brave men and women fought for our freedom, security and, most importantly, our life. I am very grateful to these people but gratitude doesn’t just stop at “being grateful”. It also involves being able to “pass it on” and hence why I learn to contribute to multiple communities (including Ozbargain!).

Whilst we’re all busy searching for bargains today, let’s spare a moment to remember and honour those that have sacrificed for what we have today.

Below are some free ebooks on the history of some of the past wars. All these ebooks were free at the time of posting.

ebook US link AU link World War 1: A History From Beginning to End US AU World War 2 Submarines: Stunning World War 2 Submarine Stories And Warfare From The Depths Of The Ocean US AU Holocaust Survivor Accounts: True Stories Of Prisoners Surviving The Holocaust: Holocaust Survivor Stories And Heroes Of Auschwitz (Auschwitz and the Holocaust Saviors Book 2) US AU The Second World War, Vol. 3: The War at Sea (Essential Histories Book 1) US AU The Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World: From Marathon to Waterloo US AU War Letters 1914–1918, Vol. 1: From a Young British Officer at the Western Front during the First World War US AU In The Field Vietnam and My Letters Home US AU “Over There” with the Australians US AU Cold War: A History From Beginning to End US AU