Hey everyone,

The Android version of this app was posted a couple of days ago, and finally Apple has come through so I am making it free for a few days too.

Much fuss was made last week of a US army technique to get you to sleep in under 120 seconds. It was featured all over the place, so we decided to make an app. It does the steps voice guided so you don’t need to remember them.

It’s free for launch for the next few days, then it will revert back to its $2.99 price. Have at it! Sale ends on the 13th, but not sure what time.

NOTE: After some feedback I have commissioned a female voice, in the coming days an update will go out which will let you pick your voice and randomise the end. This update will be free as long as you download the app while it is still on special.

You can read more about the “technique” here: