There is no domestic kitchen stone grain mill for this price anywhere.The baker in your life will love you for it.

You can google the benefits of grinding your your own grain.

I think the price discount of 40 euros for model 100 ends midnight tonight (31/1/2019) German time.

Prices change after you have created online account with an Australian address and added item to cart. DHL delivery shows $0.

Make sure you choose the Australian plug.

These sell for USD399 plus shipping on international websites (100 grams / minute) for 142 Euros (around AUD $225) (200 grams / minute) for 217 Euros (around AUD $347)

Product is not available domestically in Australia

Skippys is the only business that sells other domestic kitchen stone mills in Aussie.

Please do your research. Thanks.

Note: this was a price error and people are being asked for an additional €30 for shipping (normally supposedly €50)