6 months into the removal of so-called ‘single-use’ plastic bags (I never used them only once…), the handle tore off one of my Woolies “Bag for Good” green bags. Yes, I overloaded it. Yes, I’ll probably do it again sometime.

As I was throwing it away, I saw the below text, emblazoned on the side of the bag:
“Use this bag again and again. If it gets damaged, we’ll replace it for free.”

In all the months of using it, I’d never noticed this!! Guessing others out there will be the same, so am sharing to save fellow OzB’ers who might’ve been in my same boat. And, for the naysayers who say it’s not a deal.. I think it is – it saved me 100%!

The Woolies site has more info (see link in post):

Introducing the Bag for good™.
We’ve launched a new reusable bag in our stores called the Bag for good™. It’s yours to use again and again, and if it ever gets damaged, we’ll replace it for free no matter when you bought it from us. Simply bring your damaged bag to the Customer Service desk in any of our stores and we’ll swap it for a new one. We’ll even recycle your old one so it can keep doing good.