Guys, if you have a ZenCash Wallet (there’s one in Bittrex and Cryptopia) you can get Free Crypto: ZenCash coin at their official site using their ZenCash Tap Faucet:

It’s free and they are giving away around 0.0005 (or up to 0.0015 if lucky) each “drop” once per IP address per wallet address per 20 hours.

There’s around 12.4 Zen left in the Tap last I checked.

1 Zen is about $43 USD in CMC and 0.0005 is not much but a good start and a good way to shut up your colleagues who keep telling you to get into Cryptocurrencies

To get a ZenCash Wallet, just download their official easy to use GUI Wallet for their home site

And what is ZenCash? It’s the world’s first private, distributed, and reliable platform for communications, transactions, and publishing.

For those thinking this is a spam, please check the source. It came from their Official Tweet and is not like other spam/ad fueled faucets

For those using their downloaded Swing GUI Wallets, make sure you allow some time for the blockchain sync 100% before you can see the changes to your wallet amounts (So leave it connected in the background for the sync). I also had to query everywhere to realize this

ZenCash Development Roadmap