½ Price Carman's Muesli Bar Varieties 160g-270g $2.80 @ Woolworths

Carman’s Classic Fruit & Nut Muesli Bars 6 pack
Carman’s Dark Choc Cranberry & Almond Muesli Bars 6 pack
Carman’s Super Berry Muesli Bars 6 pack
Carman’s Original Fruit Free Muesli Bars 6 pack
Carman’s Protein Muesli Bars Yoghurt & Nut 200g
Carman’s Cranberry & Blueberry Oat Slice 6 pack
Carman’s Almond, Cashew & Cranberry Nut Bars 5 pack
Carman’s Almond, Hazelnut Vanilla Nut Bars 5 pack
Carman’s Greek Yoghurt & Berry Protein Bars 5 pack
Carman’s Oat Slice Choc Brownie 210g
Carman’s Oat Slice 210g
Carman’s Lemon Coconut Oat Slice 210g
Carman’s Salted Dark Choc Almond Gourmet Protein Bars 200g
Carman’s Gourmet Protein Bars Dark Choc & Cranberry 200g
Carman’s Dark Choc Espresso Nut Bars 160g
Carman’s Roasted Nut Bars Greek Style Yoghurt Blueberry 160g
Carman’s Dark Choc Macadamia Coconut Nut Bars 160g
Carmans Gourmet Protein Bars Salted Caramel Bars 200g

½ Price – Reese's Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream Tub 473ml $4 @ Woolworths

Fresh Milk, Sugar, Fresh Cream (17%), Peanuts (8%), Water, Milk Solids, Dextrose, Cocoa Solids, Maltodextrin, Peanut Oil, Salt, Emulsifiers (471, Soy Lecithin, 476), Skim Milk, Colours (Caramel III, Caramel IV, Annatto), Thickeners (Guar Gum, Processed Eucheuma Seaweed, Carrageenan), Milk Fat, Acidity Regulators (Citric Acid, 319), Flavour, Contains no less than 10% Milk Fat in Ice Cream, Milk Chocolate contains minimum 25% Cocoa Solids

½ Price Quilton Tuffy 3 Pack Paper Towel $2.15 @ Woolworths

Tuffy’s superior 4 Ply ‘Tuff-Weave’ makes it the most absorbent and strongest when wet. But then again you’d expect nothing less from Quilton.

Perfect for:

Cleaning kitchens and cooktops, bathrooms and windows.

Spills and messes made at parties and at the dinner table. Also ideal for cleaning up after children and pets.

Food preparation or use as a fridge liner.

Outdoor use at picnics or on road trips. Also great for cleaning the car, BBQ, or kids bikes.

Free 7-Eleven Banana Bread via 7-Eleven Fuel App

Been an ozbargain member for a while but this is my first post

As per the other posts, today’s (18th Jan) deal is free banana bread.

I had a bad experience with a rude unhelpful attendant this week in Melb CBD and I don’t eat bananas. However I walk past that particular store daily and noticed he isn’t there at a certain time so I’ll be redeeming this deal and donating it to the homeless 🙂 thanks 7/11

Have a great day 🙂

Original Freebies in January @ 7 Eleven deal post