Bar’s Bug Windscreen Cleaner- 500mL

Provides crystal vision
Removes all road film, diesel spray, bugs etc
Ideal for general cleaning of glass, windows & mirrors

SCA Wiper Refills – Single Edge, Narrow, Suits 6.5mm, 2 Pack
Suitable if your blade is serviceable
Good quality rubber
Good value refill option

Shell Helix HX3 Engine Oil – 20W-50, 5 Litre – $20.89 + $5 Credit with this purchase

Shell Helix HX3 helps provide reliable protection for older, high-mileage engines. Formulated with active cleansing technology to help prevent dirt & sludge building up & therefore assisting to protect & prolong the life of the engine. Shell Helix HX3 can be used for petrol, diesel & gas engines. The higher viscosity of Shell Helix HX3 helps to reduce oil consumption. Specification: Meets API SL/CF.

To find the oil type and weight suggested for your vehicle; either check with your manufacturer, your local mechanic or head in-store and talk to one of our friendly team.

5 Litre
Formulated to remove engine deposits
Higher Viscosity helps reduce oil consumption
Suitable for petrol, diesel & gas engines

Bosch Disc Brake Rotor- $36.22