Hi all, I’m the app developer and has been developing this app for 2 years now. Currently doing a sale for it, feedbacks are welcome!

I wrote this app because I have 12 credit cards at that time like most ozbargainers (or not) so I had trouble managing all my cards to make sure I paid everything in full before the due date while utilizing the interest fee period, and utilizing all the cashback promotions and promotional offers. Thought you guys might find it useful!

You may try out the Free version before you buy, Free version is fully functional less a few nice to have but not critical features as listed below.

– Simple design
– Ad-free
– Works offline
– Due date reminders
– Record transactions
– Statement/outstanding balance estimation
– Mark payment as settled
– Shows statement/due/next due/cut off dates
– Sort cards by longest interest-free period
– Annual fee waiver reminder
– Backup/Restore feature
– No need to worry about online account being hacked
– Monitor SMS for transactions [Pro feature] – Attach photos in transactions [Pro feature] – Add/edit categories [Pro feature] – Personalized currency symbol [Pro feature] – Pattern lock [Pro feature] – Add recurring transactions[Pro feature] – Monitor credit limit [Pro feature] – Compare interest rates [Pro feature]

Cheers and Merry Christmas!

Offer ends 31st December. By the way I made it 99 cents AU while it’s 99 cents US in the rest of the world 🙂

Disclaimer: The app works totally offline (you can check its Android permissions) so it is not connecting to your bank accounts to steal your info 🙂 Though some would expect the app to automatically pull data from their transaction accounts to auto populate data, this app require manual data entry unfortunately 🙁 The Pro version do scan for any transaction sms and try to automate some data entry work.