It’s been a while since you used PayPal so we want to give you a little something to say we miss you.

We’re giving you $5 that you can spend on eBay. Just click the ‘Redeem now’ button below and $5 will be placed in your PayPal account for your next purchase. So now you can use PayPal to easily and securely shop fashion, homewares, electronics and much more on eBay, the world’s largest marketplace. Terms and conditions apply.#

Offer will be saved to your Wallet. Next time you make an eligible purchase with PayPal, it will be automatically applied.

Terms and Conditions

*Terms and Conditions
1. This offer entitles eligible PayPal account holders to receive a discount of $5 off an eligible purchase with PayPal
2. The offer is valid from 28 June to 31 July 2018 (both dates inclusive) (“Offer Period”).
3. This is a limited offer, based on first come first served, available only to selected Australian PayPal account holders.
4. The offer cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash or other discounts/products/services.
5. Each eligible PayPal account holder may only redeem the offer once during the Offer Period.
6. No minimum spend is required.
7. In order to redeem the offer, payment must be made via PayPal during checkout.
8. Notwithstanding anything herein, PayPal and its affiliates shall not at any time be responsible or held liable for any defect or malfunction in the offer, and/or for any loss, injury, damage or harm suffered or incurred by or in connection with the use of any offer by any person.
9. PayPal shall, at its sole discretion, determine the PayPal account holders who are eligible to redeem this offer.
10. PayPal reserves the sole and absolute right to disqualify any person from redeeming the offer.
11. PayPal reserve the rights to withdraw the offer and/or amend any part of the offer or the terms and conditions of the offer at any time without prior notice.
12. PayPal’s decision on all matters relating to the offer and these terms and conditions will be final and binding.
13. The offer can be redeemed during a PayPal transaction where there is an integration between the merchant’s checkout flow and PayPal back-end platform which holds all the logic to redeem PayPal offers.
14. The offer will apply as long as the currency of the PayPal offer is the same as the currency passed from the Merchant (reflected at checkout). Currency conversion is not supported.
15. The offer cannot be transferred or combined with any other PayPal (a) offer (including but not limited to Pay After Delivery); (b) promotion code; (c) coupon; (d) Offer; or (e) discount
16. By redeeming the offer, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.