Greetings everyone, I just noticed this promotion has gone live again until the 23rd of September and thought it was worthwhile posting again 🙂

What is even better is that they have increased the referral bonus to $10 (was $5), which is awesome! You will receive $10 for referring someone via sending them more than $0.99 via text message. Maximum referral bonus is $100.

I have been using this service since the last deal and can highly attest to it, really simple way of being able to send money instantly to anyone! It’s backed by three of the big banks.

Life is full of memorable moments. Moments that shouldn’t be interrupted by money. And Beem It helps you keep them that way.

Pay and get paid instantly, effortlessly and securely, no matter who you bank with – just Beem It.

You’ve paid. They’ve paid – all in an instant. It doesn’t matter who you bank with, all you need is a Mastercard or Visa debit card and their @username or phone number.

As always, enjoy!