Stake is an Aussie Fintech which allows to trade more than 3000 stocks and ETFs on the S&P500 and Nasdaq for free. There is no brokerage.

They make their money mainly by charging 70 pips when converting funds between AUD & USD ($0.7 for every $100 converted) but have a few other fees outlined here.

Been using them for over a year now (since their beta days) and reckon their offer unbeatable value as well as great UI and UX

They have (finally) launched their android app and running a one day referral promo to ‘celebrate’:

Droiders rejoice, we’ve made it into the Playstore! To celebrate, we’re having a 24hr party where both you and any friends who sign up and fund today get $20.

Fund before 10pm today AEST and your money will be ready to trade TONIGHT. If you miss the 10pm threshold – no worries. You can give $20, get $20 until midnight.

Mod: Removed referral info. Referral system now set up for invite code.