Today’s free ebook category is computer programming. Hopefully something that can help you. All ebooks were free at the time of posting.

Programming: HTML: Programming Guide: Computer Programming: LEARN IN A DAY! (PHP, Java, Web Design, Computer Programming, SQL, HTML, PHP) – US , AU

How To Make Your Own Video Game: Quick Start Guide (How To eBooks Book 41) – US,AU

C Programming: Language: A Step by Step Beginner’s Guide to Learn C Programming in 7 Days – US, AU

Ruby For Beginners: Your Guide To Easily Learn Ruby Programming in 7 days – US, AU

jQuery For Beginners: Your Guide To Easily Learn jQuery Programming in 7 days – US, AU

Python 3 Programming: A Beginner Crash Course Guide to Learn Python 3 in 1 Week – US, AU

Java: Code Your Way to Corporate – A Beginners Guide to Learn the Latest Edition of Java Programming and Coding (java, java programming, java for dummies, … java tutorial, java book, java guide) – US, AU

JavaScript: Program a Dynamic, User-Responsive Website – A Crash Course to Learn JavaScript Programming and HTML the Easy Way (javascript, javascript the … programming, javascript for beginners) – US, AU

Bash Command Line Pro Tips – US, AU

Excel VBA: Tips and Tricks to Learn and Understand Excel VBA for Business Analysis – US, AU

PHP – HTML for a multilevel menu (IT Easy Solutions Programming & Office Automation Book 0) – US, AU

Python3 101 MCQ – Multiple Choice Questions Answers for Jobs, Tests and Quizzes: Python3 Programming QA (Python 3 Beginners Guide) – US, AU