Life is just too hectic and stressful these days so sometimes we just need to slow down and have a laugh to release some tension. Here are 10 free jokes/humour ebooks to hopefully help you do that. All these ebooks were free at the time of posting.

Users without a Kindle can read it on Amazon Cloud reader or on any device through the Kindle app.

Funny Jokes for Kids: 100 Hilarious Jokes – US, AU

Math Jokes: 500+ Funny, Cheesy, and Clean Jokes For Kids and Math Teachers (Math Jokes For Kids Book 1) – US, AU

Tongue Twisters for Kids – US, AU

Free Funny the eBook: Writing Comedy, Jokes, and Humor for Business, Public Speaking, or Just for Laughs – US, AU

100+ Insults: Funny Insults, Comedy, and Humor! – US, AU

Jokey McJokeFace: Day of the Dad – US, AU

Jokes For Mom: Terribly Good jokes for mom | Great Mom gifts, Mom Birthday Gifts – US, AU

Jokes for Kids: 400 Jokes and Riddles for Your Kids That Will Make Them Laugh All Day – US, AU

EVEN MORE DIRTY ONE LINE JOKES, EVEN SHORTER, EVEN FUNNIER.: Third volume of the series of books with the best dirty one-liner jokes. Potent. Pungent. Insolent. Prepotent. Indecent. Imprudent. – US, AU

300 Best Jokes: One-Liners and Funny Short Stories Collection (Donald’s Humor Factory Book 1) – US, AU