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Wiki: Weis is an Australian brand, owned by Unilever that produces frozen ice confectionery and frozen fruit desserts. They are most well known for their bar shaped fruit ice creams known as Weis Bars. They are sold at most Australian milk bars and supermarkets and in boxes of eight mini bars or four regular-sized bars at most supermarkets. The Weis manufacturing plant is located in Toowoomba, Queensland with the sales and marketing office in Toowong, Queensland.

The original Weis Fruito Bar was developed by Les Weis in 1957 and was sold from his own corner store in Toowoomba. The Weis Fruito Bar contains pineapple, banana and passion fruit. The most popular bar is the Mango & Cream which launched in 1959.

In January 2016, Weis planned a successful push into the Chinese market. The Toowoomba company has exported Weis bars to Japan for more than 20 years and close to 30% of its business is now outside Australia. Until August 2017, Weis was a privately owned Australian company. The company was owned and operated by a second generation of the Weis family until they sold it to the Anglo-Dutch firm, Unilever.